A better and faster 3D Showcase with Links, Labels, and Quickstart

Better engage your audience! Your 3D Showcases are now faster and more informative.

Links in Mattertag™ Posts
You’ve been asking for it, and it’s finally here. Links are now supported in Mattertag Posts!

Make Matterport Spaces more informative and engaging for your viewers and better integrated with the rest of your marketing activities. Delight your audience by giving them all the information they need in one place.

Links can direct your viewers:

  • Read more about what they just saw
  • Respond to a call-to-action to increase engagement
  • Visit another Matterport Space

Adding links to your Mattertag Posts is quick and easy in Matterport Workshop. Simply copy and paste the link into the URL field when creating your Posts. Visit our Support article for a more detailed walk-through and how-to video.

Need some ideas on how to use links in Mattertag Posts? Download our White Paper for use cases to enrich your Spaces.

Update: For more advanced tricks, check out these articles:


Load time for your Spaces is now up to three times faster with Quickstart, a new feature that loads Spaces almost instantaneously. One click, no waiting. Perfect for viewing on any mobile device, your audience is immediately immersed in your Spaces.

Quickstart is available by adding the URL parameter &qs=1 to the end of any sharing or embedding Space link.

Your viewers will have a slightly different experience than they have today. Want to know if Quickstart is right for you? See pros and cons of this different experience by visiting our support article.


Labels in 3D Showcase

Help viewers understand the layout of a Space immediately by adding Labels to your 3D Showcase. Now, the Labels that you create in Matterport Workshop can be visible to everyone.

Highlight all the regions of a Space so your audience doesn’t miss any important areas, give square footage at a glance, show guests where amenities are located, or mark where future rooms will be built in construction projects.

Ordering Schematic Floor Plans and need custom naming for rooms? Any Labels you add and post to 3D Showcase will be reflected in your black-and-white floor plan drawings.

Labels must be activated for each individual Space.

Simply add Labels to your Spaces in Workshop as normal. In the Controls Menu on the left hand side, toggle the Labels option to ON and publish your Space. Labels are limited to 24 characters and are visible in Floorplan View only. For more information on creating and publishing Labels, please visit our Support article.



  • No pictures or logos, no video, no sounded and still a minimal amount of characters.... basically a massive build up for disappointment. These are the things my clients want how much longer are they going to have to wait? I'm incredibly frustrated.

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  • At first glance Quick Start is pretty impressive so well done on that guys. :)

    In regards to Marcia's points about pictures & videos, I 100% agree and I can only hope this is something that you're still working on as this update that appears at surface level to have only added a field for us to enter a URL in is very much a let down and not really on the same level as what people have been asking for. At least it's a step in the right direction tho so keep at it please.

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  • Awesome! This is a game changer for my business. Thank you Matterport!

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  • I've been observing the progress on the quickstart parameter for a while - peeking at the javascript. I must say, the team has been tweaking, tweaking, tweaking and tweaking it -- for months. I'm really impressed at the improvements and the changes in ordering of loading of assets.

    Labels in 3D Showcase is a nice feature add -- I feel like Matterport have checked a box on a longstanding wishlist -- so thank you there.

    Concerning MatterTags -- may we at least request less character limit? If you link directly to another scene in the tour (and strip off enough of the parameters to where it still works), it'll swap to guided tour mode and 'walk' really slowly from where you set the MatterTag to the desired destination. It would be wonderful if we could link directly to another pano -- or to a 360 View. Still something we're waiting on and would love to have.

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  • Menu instructions dissapear on Quick start. That isnt on the 'should i use quickstart' of this web page: Thats a killer for me as agents will use their mouse to navigate instead of the arrow keys. Thats a huge difference as I had some clients say that they felt it cumbersome to naviagate around, that is until I showed them the arrow keys. So intructions for REAL ESTATE agents are imperitive.

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  • Welcome Links in Mattertag Posts, of course I love them.

    And Quickstart is pretty impressive! The advantages are obvious, I have no comments on those.

    Regarding its disadvantages:

    • Loading screen with your 'Presented By' information no longer present


    • Initial Dollhouse and fly-in to Inside View (a potential "wow" factor) no longer present

    Maybe there could be an intermediate loading speed possibility keeping the wow factor (which is important imho) by loading a simplified version of the 3D mesh (e.g. importance to walls, floors, ceilings), also without textures and no or few flat colors, and making the fly-in to Inside View using some sort of sleek stylized (e.g. wireframe/contours/flat/etc.) version of it.

    • Can make the Space appear like a static photo and not something interactive

    I'm not sure if I'm understanding well this sentence: do you mean that in unexpected situations it may happen that something goes wrong and the walkthrough doesn't work, I.e. it is shown as a bare static image? Or those situations are known? (in this case, can you list them?)

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  • Chris I enjoy your curiosity very much.

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