Upcoming release - Mattertag Links

Hello all!

It has been a long wait -- but we have good news!

We are expecting to launch Mattertag Links later this week. This will allow you to easily link models together, link to external sites or media, and more!

Now, an important caveat:

There are a few known issues (a cursor seeming to be in the wrong place, for example) that are present. We'll be listing those out so you know what to expect, but believe they are all minor enough to await a future fix. We know that this is a valuable feature. We didn't want to ask you to wait any longer!

We'll be updating this thread when it launches, in addition to an email announcement. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: 11/10: Mattertag Links are now live!



  • Awesome, Scott! This is going to be a fantastic feature for sure!! Thanks MP Team.

  • Yes! Finally! Thank you!

  • YEA!!!! All MSP's will love this!

  • OH.. awesome.. Thank you

  • YES!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome Thanks for that news

  • It may be too early to say but…. Can the links be turned off in the unbranded Showcase?

  • Gracias!!!

  • Looking forward to use :)

  • Mattertag Links are now live, along with some other things you've been waiting for!

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