Upcoming live Matterport Scenes Q&A

We will be hosting an "Ask Me Anything" about Matterport Scenes be in the near future. It will feature:

  • Bob Shakib, Vice President of Mobile and Capture Solutions for Matterport
  • Mark Crosley, Senior Product Manager, Capture Solutions

Feel free to start asking questions now!

UPDATE 11/4: We've learned from Lenovo that the phones supporting Matterport Scenes won't be available until sometime in December. We are planning to postpone this until then as a result. Please let us know if you feel otherwise.

UPDATE 11/18: @simonmodera requested I link to some existing information. Great idea! Here it is, we'll have more details soon!

Summary post about Matterport Scenes

-The Matterport Team



  • Updated timing: Lenovo is shipping the phones for several more weeks, so we'll hold off until you can actually *get* one of these units! :-)

  • I would like to have a q&a before they ship. To see if it would be worth while to add to my business offerings.

  • Hi Scott, I am going to be on a Good Morning New Mexico show. I want to make sure I sound like I know what I am doing. Is there any thing I could read or could I talk to someone to make sure I explain what I am offering better. My number 505-319-2181. Can you help me?

  • No problem, @debdenk, someone from Matterport will get in touch! :-)

  • Hi @Matterport-Scott . Perhaps it would be useful if you could repeat any / all of the pre-release announcement and images here in the community. A link at least. I know that MSPs are partially aware of what this technology is and will be able to do. The key question is whether it will replace the Matterport Pro Camera and how close are its abilities.

  • Good call, @simonmodera, added above! The short version is, NO, this won't replace the Matterport Pro Cameras -- very different capabilities and use cases. See the new article link at the top! :-)

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