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A few of you have reached out recently regarding our efforts to promote MSPs, and a recent email campaign to real estate professionals. We would like to take an opportunity to address these concerns, as well as to tell you about some of the new things we are doing to drive additional business to MSPs.

As you know, we surveyed all MSPs earlier this year and heard one thing loud and clear: you want more leads! In an effort to make this happen, we recently asked for feedback from leads who requested to be connected with a Matterport Service Partner.

We found that only 33% of those leads successfully ordered a Matterport scan service after we sent them to an MSP.

We currently spend over $50K per month generating and distributing leads to our 1,450 official MSPs. We want to grow this free lead program, but the results that we get from the program need to improve. This program needs to result in more business for MSPs than it currently does or it isn’t cost-effective.

By surveying the leads we’ve sent to MSPs, we have found that there were a number of reasons why they did not order scan services, and we are actively working to address the reasons that are under our control. We will share detailed findings with you in our upcoming November MSP Program webinar, and also provide suggestions on how you can keep lead conversions and customer satisfaction high.

There are thousands of these leads who have not yet purchased a Matterport Space from an MSP, but expressed interest in buying future scans. We’re working to remind them of all the great reasons to order Matterport scans, to tell them about new 3D Showcase features, and to drive them to MSPs like yourself. We are trying to drum up business for you!

We are scrubbing our database

We recently started to ramp these efforts. In doing so, we discovered that about 15% of our scan leads were incorrectly coded in our database, and may have received our general marketing emails in addition to emails promoting the MSP network.

Now that we are aware of the issue, we are scrubbing our databases to ensure this doesn’t happen again. We appreciate your patience as we work through this issue and toward effective marketing that drives more business for you.

Our efforts have been paying off

Over the past few months, we have made several other important updates to the visibility of our Service Partners and the option to purchase scanning as a service. Our initial data indicates that it is paying off!

We have seen a 34% quarter-over-quarter increase in scan lead volume this past 6 months, and we’re launching new efforts to drive even more volume. Our goal is to ensure that existing leads are fully educated about the benefits of Matterport’s 3D Showcase and remind them to connect with you for services.

So in sum: we heard you and we are committed to making our MSPs successful. Demand for Matterport and 3D scanning has never been higher, and the press and positive exposure around Matterport is stronger than ever. It is our intent and goal to help everyone in our ecosystem to be successful.

Below are some FAQs to address some commonly asked questions. Thank you for your patience as we get this right.

The Matterport Service Partner Team


Frequently asked questions:


No! Some of you have written us expressing concern that your customers are receiving promotional emails from us. There are a few ways this may happen:

  • Frequently, clients will write to Matterport to inquire about camera ownership, and may subsequently realize that partnering with an MSP is a better option. When they don't let us know that they have chosen an MSP, we continue to communicate offers, product announcements, etc.
  • Some Scan leads specifically request to continue receiving updates and promotions from Matterport even after they have been connected with a service partner, so we keep them on our general email list.


  • Thank you!

  • Thank you!

  • Recommendation to Matterport ... if you can do the math to determine "no shows", it would seem only diligent to utilize your database and surveys to determine those MSPs who perform exemplary and provide them with more referrals. 3 out of 3 successsful referrals in 11 months of $100 a month service is assuredly looking unequitable on my end.

  • Good note, @havenhurst! You're right -- we need to make sure the leads are good, and that the *service the leads receive* is top-notch. That creates a virtuous cycle for all involved. Would you want a rating system (think Yelp or similar), and if so, how would you like it to work?

  • Hi Scott, I also think the MSPs should have levels based on the models quality and client service history.
    - Beginner
    - Intermediate
    - Expert

  • I also think the MSPs should have levels based on the models quality and client service history.
    - Beginner
    - Intermediate
    - Expert

  • I would just make it a simple certification ... perhaps after 25 models the MSP submits for Matterport Certification. Matterport assesses their work and customer feedback for their stamp of approval. Allows for centralized control of product quality. Inform all MSPs of your assessment metrics and prerequisites for becoming a Certified Matterport Service Provider (CMSP) and let the competition begin. Hell, go as far as highlighting monthly a CMSP and their work. Gather the CSMP regularly on teleconf to brainstorm product development ideas.

  • Well said, Craig.
    Also, it should have only one top Expert MSP per region, city or state.

  • Perhaps-

    A) to get referrals an MSP needs to register as a member of the MP community. With MP investing in marketing to generate leads they certainly have a right to have some basic requirements.

    B) expand the member profile to include examples of their 3D Spaces (based on channels such as Residential, commercial, hospitality, etc) and ability to list any special services they may offer like 'complimentary' adds such as exterior step outs, etc., and link to the MSP website

    C) Allow the prospective client to look at the MSP profiles of those being referred

    D) Complete specified trading videos/webinars, etc

  • The MSP program is a nice effort but I feel very let down by my the results of my own MSP referral results for 2 reasons.

    1- The auto response email I received confirming receipt of my referral request also included an offer to sell a camera.

    2- The 3 MSP's listed for the zip code I listed did not include me and I am in the same zip code. Two of the three listed were an hours drive and they even had different area codes.

    While only in the MSP program for a few weeks now and despite getting a call from someone who found me through this program, with in days of joining, I am concerned as to how many other leads I have not received. Not to mention how many future leads will be realized.

  • Fair points, @Danny. Let me see if I can learn more to share with you.

  • Wonderful ideas, @Bill, thank you!

  • I signed up but don't see Florida listed on your Web site?

  • Hi there @brucejhovland! We have a substantial MSP presence in most U.S. metro areas. Are you talking about our website footer, or elsewhere?

  • Hi @Danny. Thanks for pointing this out to us. We are working to get this updated.


  • Hi @Bill, I agree with Scott. Great ideas. This is something we are thinking about and to the extent that other MSPs have ideas they'd like to share around this, we are LISTENING!! We are taking note.

  • Hi brucejhovland! I'd love to help you here. I can confirm your presence on our MSP map in Florida. Please let me know if you have any additional questions!

  • @Danny
    The auto response email has been updated. Thanks for pointing it out to me.


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