Matterport Scenes launches -- Learn more here!

As you may have read on TechCrunch, Matterport is very pleased to announce the launch of Matterport Scenes!

Matterport Scenes is a mobile capture solution, currently available exclusively on the Lenovo Phab2 Pro, which launches today (Nov 1). The Phab2 Pro is available from the Lenovo website, as well as at Lowe's and other retailers. Only the Phab2 Pro has the necessary sensors to support Matterport Scenes.

We'll have more info coming soon, but here are a few FAQs:

What is it?

Matterport Scenes provides handheld 3D scanning capabilities on devices that are compatible with Google Tango technology.

The app is suitable for capturing spaces up to room-size, and the objects in them – scenes. The scanned scenes are viewed on-device as enhanced point clouds. It works for well for viewing spacial relationships and measuring in 3D space.

By using the trimming functions, users can isolate individual objects like furniture (or people), view and measure them any time.

What it is NOT?

Matterport Scenes is not, in any way, a competitor to the Pro camera. The visual fidelity and scan-size limitations are not appropriate for scanning and showing residential real estate or, for example, documenting large constructions sites.

Matterport Scenes and the Matterport Pro camera are very different tools, for very different purposes. Our Pro camera is (and will continue to be) the best way to capture spaces in 3D.

OK, who is it for?

Anyone who needs to measure things, especially when they aren't on-site. "How tall is that counter? How wide is that stove?" Construction contractors, interior designers, home stagers, handymen/women, homebuyers, furniture shoppers, housepainters, plumbers, installers might all be interested in Matterport Scenes.

How can I get it?

Matterport Scenes will be available through the Play Store at:

Where can I find more information?

See complete documentation at!

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