12,778 sq. ft, Custom Luxury Home

We've seen some fairly large models well exceeding 10,000sf. Many, if not most, go it alone on larger shoots. For us it takes more time and effort to shoot a one 12,778sf property than it does two 6,000sf properties. When shooting properties this size we prefer to involve two people. Not only for double checking each other's work but one can prep a space ahead of time and close a space afterwards (lights curtains etc.). And post production can increase time of delivery by a week or more. Worth noting as well, and mentioned many times here in the forum, Matterport does not support shoots with more than 200 scans. We've found with the larger models two near identical copies will tend to process differently. You tweak a mark on one side of the property only to find something changed on opposite side of model. Each processing stage would take from 8 hrs to 18 hrs - one copy even got stuck during the processing which we deleted after 48hrs. This model we kept nearly 300 scans and tweaked and processed over 20 times until settling on what we feel to be the best the tech can deliver. That said little errors are almost always a given especially with models exceeding 200 scans.

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  • nice mirror avoidance with that giant bathroom. I wonder if it is more or less processing when using window/mirror feature. For example, the balconies, would it be less processing to not include a window/mirror feature to get the flat edge. I'm guessing less processing with the snipping tool, but maybe a little more with the mirror/window.

  • very cool. Quick question. I always have my clients take down any photos or identifying objects. What's your take on that?

  • Mirrors are always tricky but here we were able to work the space to avoid camera as best possible. We have come up with a clever trick to avoid straight on floor to ceiling mirror reflections we will begin incorporating and hope to share to later posts.

  • @Bill Bailey great shoot! The model definitely came out really nice. I'm curious as to what you were tweaking each time to get an improved model? Was it copying and deleting scan points?

  • We give client prep-space checklist and de-personalizing a space is important. But many simply do not want to bother above what the maids might clean up. We cannot move personal items or marketing material and emphasize to client we will shoot as its presented (with exception of lights and window covers).

  • Thanks Bill. We try to keep as many scans as possible - it's a real balancing act at times. We find it's not so much the deletion of scans insomuch as trimming and applying marks. We believe that because the point cloud created is low resolution applying marks where you think there are isn't really the case. Overlapping marks or trims can also create some undesirable effects. We have since made further tweaks to this model and while the tweaks should have improved the model we have yet to settle for better results than the one presented here. We will continue to test and tweak long term to better learn cause and effect with marks and trims.

  • I have to add that while the clients were ecstatic we really are not happy with the results on this model. We see a great deal of room for improvement but with the current processes this is not possible as we are pushing the limitations of the technology. Our hope is Matterport will work to refine the processing methods so they might be more consistent especially with larger models and to extend the capabilities of model sizes.

  • We have a checklist we provide our clients to help optimise a shoot, one of which is to de-personalize spaces. Unfortunately most of the time it goes unheard and the agents won't bother. So we emphasize the fact we shoot a property as it's presented to us. We do not remove pictures or marketing easels which in itself can lead to liability concerns should you drop and break something. We have our butts well covered on the shoots going in.

  • Hi Bill,

    I know this is an older post, but can you share your trick for the mirrors?

  • So, it is possible to have more than 200 scans for a home? I am fairly new at this and trying to learn fast.

  • It's possible, but it's just not supported. Meaning, Matterport can't guarantee all the necessary tools will work as intended. For example, you may be able to capture the model data and it will be processed, but then if it's too big, working with it in Workshop may be very slow or impossible.

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