Capturing a large object movement

Murphy bed disappears- This studio apartment has a murphy bed that converts into a table when it is raised to the wall. I wanted to show the room with the bed down, and up with the table showing. I first shot the room with the the table showing. I then put the bed down, and moved the camera to the starting scan point. It stitched fine as the camera was far enough away that the overall 'room' data overpowered the new data from the bed. So now you see it, and now you don't



  • Very cool trick, @Bill! If you have a moment, would love to see screenshots of the bed in/out. ;-)

  • Here are pics showing the bed down and up:

  • Nice job, i tried with a door that needed to be (almost closed) for the first view on the model then open to get access, but the scan "door open" was difficult to get. I guess i was to close...

  • So very cool!

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