09/07/16 - For developers -- Experimental features such as "sq meters" expected to become inaccessible next week

Some of our more talented and curious community developers have discovered data from experimental features accompanying Matterport spaces. Some of this, like the "sq meters" data, has garnered a lot of enthusiasm and even tools built on it. Unfortunately, as much as we love the enthusiasm, we are planning to make this sort of experimental data inaccessible next week.

For third-party developers using this feature, we know this is probably frustrating, and we apologize for the headache. We love our vibrant developer community, and we want to do all we can to foster it. But, experimental data is experimental for a reason. It may not be thoroughly tested enough, it may have serious flaws or inaccuracies, and most importantly, we don't want our customers to rely on data that we cannot fully stand behind. But there's some good news! We are hoping to further develop these feature, and then offer them as part of our formal beta program. We don't yet have a timeline for that, though.

Again, we apologize for the changes, and look forward to re-introducing "sq meters" and other functionality soon!



  • Scott, I'd like to thank you and the folks at Matterport for balancing being professional with being courteous.

  • To add, yes, we expect colored/numbered floorplan images to become inaccessible as part of the above.

  • If nothing else, the community has shown an absolutely outpouring of excitement about the ability to receive a total count of the sqft that the camera 'feels' it scanned. I hope this will be on the agenda for the next Workshop update! :)

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