VR for the East Coast and Gulf Coast

Hi All,

My name is Calvin King. I am one of the owners of 3D Upscale, a premium 3D content developer. I have been providing 3D scans for several years now, previously using Leica C-10 laser scanners. On the East Coast, I am available from Maine to Florida and along the Gulf Coast from Florida to Texas.

My scanning experience has been in the marine and petroleum industries. I scan existing objects or sites and use them to provide full 3D models of the scan. I am now working my way in to the residential and commercial real estate sectors.

I have locations available in the greater Portland area of Maine, the Florida Panhandle and the greater New Orleans area of Louisiana. Also, regarding spare time. What is that? LOL.



  • @upscale3d, welcome, Calvin! Great to have you onboard, and *very* cool to have someone with your diverse background! Looking forward to your ideas and thoughts. :-)

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  • Hi @upscale3d Glad to have you part of the community. Will be interesting to see the difference between marine/oil and real estate.

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