• Looks great! Would love the ability to set a default tour that opens when one starts the app -- the application for this is for setting up kiosk-like displays.

    Also curious about conversion fees. If I'm not mistaken, Matterport has not announced or made any statement about free VR conversion -- it's still a premium service.

  • Great idea, @Chris Hickman! You're on a roll today! I''ll pass it along to our VR team.

    For the time being, spaces you have recently viewed are put into their own folder so you can quickly launch them again.

    Yes, VR is still a premium service. The cost varies with the size of the Space you are converting but is generally on the order of a few hundred dollars. For more info, or to receive a quote, click the Learn More button here:

  • You have no idea. The forum isn't letting me respond with visibility set to only moderators though...

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