Show more or less scan positions in a Space?

I’m curious what others think about the quantity of scans to leave on/turn off for the walk-through. I always schedule more time than is necessary to complete a basic scan and shoot more positions than I actually need.

I see a few MSP’s do a ‘simple’ Space (looks into bathrooms, minimal number of scans, etc.). I prefer to take all four corners of a room (unless too small or unable due to furniture layout) and keep the camera away from the walls at least 18” or more. I’ll take extra scans down a hallway, or to capture a specific viewing point, or in a bathroom. On stairs I usually go every three steps (while you can move the camera every 4-5 steps).

In my post processing review I turn off room transition scans, but generally leave most other scan positions ‘on’. With the stairs I leave more positions on than are needed to navigate them. This technology is still new for most viewers, so I take the approach a viewer may never have navigated a 3D model. While 1-2 spots to go up a stairway may work, 3-4 spots make it easier to navigate for a newbie. (Although I prefer fewer because of a cleaner walk and less transitions)

In regards to corner shots; I leave them on although they may not be the most attractive places to view from as I’ve found I can’t predict where each viewer prefers to stand to gain their individual perspective. Often when watching a couple physically tour a home, one partner will stand in a corner of a room and the other will have a totally different vantage point as they discuss use of the space.

Doing 2 scans in a bathroom (when 1 will work) gives a sense of a larger space due to the ability to walk to another spot.

By doing more vs less, if you do find you do need to turn off a scan position for quality purposes, it’s more likely another position will keep the model from being un-walkable which requires a re-scan visit. Plus ‘more’ is better for capturing data and creating a better looking model.

Curious what everyone else thinks?




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