Phoenix Valley Matterport Service Provider

I'm Bill Bailey CEO of Circular Worlds LLC. We have offices here in Chandler AZ, 6 photographers and a sizable investment in MP equipment. We take being a Matterport Service Provider very seriously. We enjoy impressing our clients by bringing them the very best of what this technology can bring. To date we have never had one dissatisfied customer.

MP asks: How did you get involved with 3D scanning?
BB reply: Our sister company has been involved with panoramic photography for over 11 years. We saw this new tech coming to market and thought it would be a great idea to form seperate company devoted exclusively to providing Matterport Tours here in the Phoenix Valley.

MP asks: How are you hoping to use the Matterport system?
BB reply: To show how and to fulfill residential and commercial needs.

MP asks: What industry do you work in, and where are you located?
BB reply: Panoramic Photography in the Phoenix Valley, Arizona.

MP asks: What do you do in your spare time?
BB replies: I enjoy panoramic photography, creating startup companies and travel.

My hope here is to keep learning from the experiences shared by others as well as share some of our own experiences.



  • Wonderful write-up, Bill, looking forward to having you aboard! :-)

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  • To grow to that many photographers quickly you have to take service seriously. Kudos!

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  • Hi Bill, we are very aggressive in our approach to the market. We have landed some of the largest builders in the US as well as one of the largest media companies (still baby steps). Like a slow train starting out once we reach full potential with these accounts we are hoping to see some exponential growth. And if so we may soon be reaching out to other Matterport photographers within the US network.

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  • A big welcome from Texas!

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