• It appears that the plans are created in some sort of vector based program, possibly even cad.

    What is the possiblity to also sell the CAD or vector version of that plan?

  • Hi @scan! Interesting idea. Very curious to learn more about what you'd like to do with the CAD and vector version. We don't currently have any plans to do this, but if this is a feature you'd like, you can post to the "Product Suggestions" section for people to up vote!

  • We use the point clouds all the time to generate CAD files for our clients. I'm assuming the same method is use to create the plans. I also assume that the service provided is an outsourced service, and they use the point clouds to generate the floor plans. If the data is already present, It should be an easy thing to sell. It has a lot more value per item than the images, and maybe no additional cost to matterport? (Of course this is all assumption that it is created using a vector program). Could you provide any insight on how the images are generated?

    We use matterport for Architecture and Construction a lot more than real estate.

  • Hi @Travis Johnson! Sorry for the delay in response. For the time being we only provide floor plans in PDF and PNG formats and you can also download the OBJ file. All of that being said, someone on our team is researching this to see if we can do this at some point. We are well aware of the business case for this feature.

    In response to your question regarding how the images are generated, we sub-contract it to a specialist who uses our Showcase and 3D data to make the plans. Given our high volume, we are able to offer this service for a very low price.

  • At $14.99 right now, it's pretty ridiculously low! You guys sure your supplier is not running a sweat shop? :) There's definitely lots of hand on care put into the floorplans. The data supplied is not enough to automate the process for sure! I'm boggled as to how you are doing this so affordably!

  • @Chris Hickman There are plenty of Subs out there in India that will gladly work for $5 per hour believe it or not. If you are making $100 per week, you have a great Job (the poorest people only earn $2 per day there). I'm guessing that they have contracted with an Indian company and agreed to a per piece rate at $5 per floor plan. So 200 % profit for Matterport is a great return for essentially passing the work on. I wrote a piece on this forum that they should use the same company to do the custom VR's so that we get the Real Deal VR tours. From what I understand, core VR has black Transitions, I haven't seen one yet, Only the custom VR's from the Ocalas download.....

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