What are the odds of Matterport charging for spaces based on scans of 50?

Currently the charge is $19 for 100 scans and $38 for 200 +. With the ability to scan small apartments or tiny houses or vehicles how about offering $9 for spaces under 50 scans? This would open the possibilities for MSPs to scan more unique spaces and make them more cost effective. I believe it would increase revenue for Matterport as well.



  • I agree. A smaller small space processing fee would help me get Matterport into more retail environments like coffee shops, boutiques, etc. with their being some profit left in it for me. When you are charging per sq ft. the processing fee makes it cost prohibitive for me.

  • Does anyone know why this comment is marked "Answered"?  I have not yet gotten an answer to my question.  Is it just a length of time indicator or does it get marked answered when someone makes a comment? 

  • Hi Todd,

    I believe it gets marked as "Answered" as soon as someone responds to the question. 


  • Matterport-Maddy,


    Thanks for your response.  Is there a chance that someone at Matterport will address my suggestion or give an official answer?




  • Hi Todd,

    I do like the suggestion and I'll be sure to pass the idea along to our team. The best way to get the most visibility is to have lots of people vote for the idea.


  • I didn't realise this thread was here. I raised the same points yesterday. For me it was scans of 10-15 and the space limits would also have to be re-thought.

  • Especially if there is going to be a charge for pushing spaces to google street view. If I am going to do 10-15 scan shoot at a coffee shop it is going to be hard to pay $18 for matterport processing and then another fee to push to GSV. 

  • Better yet --- less than 20 scans should be free. Give the MSPs some love because you are going to be charging us when we push these smaller spaces to Google Street View. It's going to be hard to pay $18 for matterport processing and then another fee to push to GSV when I try and do smaller retail spaces.

  • Spread this post around - I really think it is worth while and Matterport will make more money if they change this structure!  No doubt about it!

  • I support this suggestion.

  • I also support this suggestion

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