Workshop - 'Report Problem' Request from Matterport on Scene

Ability to add a 'Report Problem' to Matterport tied into Workshop so that we can immediately share an area wherein a problem occurs. I've shot 2 out of 50 tour wherein there were two spots that one cannot navigate between due to an invisible wall appearing. These were not caused by a door opening and closing -- it's literally as if an invisible wall in the center of a room appeared. I would consider paying for this to be fixed by a pro in the same way that Matterport has services for VR conversion and floorplans.



  • I like this idea also! and paying for speedy assistance isn't out of the question for me either!

  • Interesting! Were you able to get this solved by contacting the support team, and was it related to anything listed here ?

    It sounds like there could be two things: perhaps a problem with invisible walls, and then a way to tag a specific area/feature for support to review, perhaps with expedited assistance for a fee.

    Accurate? Am I missing something?

  • Yes, a way to tag a specific area / feature for support to review with an expedited assistance for a fee!

    And no, I'm aware of the FAQ response. In this case, it's a rather bizarre thing. Turn right 90 degrees, go forward to the next circle, then turn left 90 degrees and try to move forward. You'll be stuck at an invisible wall chunk that has no reason to be there :)

    I'm planning on reshooting a large number of those scans at the end of the month when I travel back to Houston to fix. That costs me quite a bit of time, therefore, if I could pay for a fix, I would. In my humble opinion, that should be a quick fix depending on what sort of setup the tech people at Matterport have for themselves.

  • I recommend going into the Mesh View of Workshop and look for a 'hanging artifact' blocking the way. When going into the 'hall' from the left of the column, as it transitions, I see on the right, a square 'panel' floating. It appears to match the image in the mirror so it might be as simple as making sure the mirror is fully marked beyond its edges and then reprocessing.

  • Ahh, that makes sense! In this case of this particular model, you may want to contact Matterport support -- they might be able to help out. (Apologies if you've already done this! :-) )

  • I've reached out, Scott, and referenced the tour and this thread :) -- and I'm going to give it ONE more go of marking things as mirrors that aren't mirrors :)

  • I'd love to report the first instance of this forum helping someone to fix a problem :). There was a tiny mirror in an unexpected location that was causing this problem and Matterport support helped out! Out of almost 80 tours I've shot, this was the first time I got stumped :)

  • That's great to hear, Chris! Really appreciate the feedback (good or bad), and great to hear it helped you out!

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