Ability to share analytics with clients

It's great that we can see the analytics for each space, but our clients want to see them too. If there was a "share" tab along with the analytics, that would make it easier to send analytics. It would be even better if it was possible to set that up recurring in a monthly or weekly setting.



  • Great idea! What type of data do you think would be most interesting for users? What types of information have your clients asked for, or been most interested in?

  • I totally agree; however, I'd like to have read access to the table and have my own Analytic reports created. I'd have it all automated and create charts, etc.. but at the very least it would be nice to have what you requested!

  • @Lisa Hinson, let's get the basics first, then we'll go all out with charts and graphs.

    Clients want to know how many people have seen the 3D to validate their marketing efforts and present them to their sellers.

  • @carlosfhdz... I agree.. walk then run but I make all these reports now for my clients using google analytics off my WP3D site. :) My clients want to know how many views their MP VT has had... how many unique views, how many sources, which sources, and how their listing compares with others.

  • @carlosfhdz Thanks for posting this. This was next on my list of things I'd want to have posted :)

  • I agree with all the above. In regards to having accurate analytics for comparison:

    a) have access to regional, national, global MP averages

    b) be able to classify each Space based on its use - such as - residential real estate, commercial real estate, hospitality, retail, etc. i.e. there are varied view rates based on the application such as a Retail Space in use for a year would have a much greater rate vs. a Home Space for sale.

  • I would love it if I could click a button in workshop and setup weekly/monthly auto-send reports to my clients whose emails are listed in the about panel.

  • This would be of huge benefit, our customers are paying for a service, and at the moment there is no real way for them to fully understand the popularity of the product they have purchased.

    If the basic info the we could see ie, number of visitors and number of unique users, could be displayed within the About info panel at the top left, users may be more encouraged to come back for repeat business, especially when they see this number rising on a daily basis.

    I am looking to speak with marketing companies soon, about them utilising my service, I suspect that this question will be raised rather quickly.

  • I fully agree, today , i need to make by my own the analytics of each folders .

    I don't have an excel spreadsheet delivered to be sent to my customers .

    Needs are :

    1) Number of Impressions, views and unique views

    2) potentially send this report on a cadency defined on the folders 

    3) Log of the IP adress accessing the Spaces , if possible.



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