Ability to leave feedback in Real estate

I am a Realtor that owns this system and I keep getting the same request over and over again from current clients. They are getting alot of tours walked through but are not getting a lot of showing requests. They are asking for feedback. Allow a person walking through a tour to beable to leave feedback on what they like or don not like.



  • Interesting! Are these users that are in Showcase only, or are they using Workshop? I'm trying to figure out if Mattertags (perhaps with additional functionality) could solve this problem for you, or if a larger/different solution would be better. Do you have a feeling for the kind of feedback users would like to leave? Any anonymous examples you can share?

  • They are only looking at the home as an intrested person looking to purchase. Using the link that is made public.

  • Got it, so they are viewing in Showcase. Do you have a feeling for the type of feedback they would want to leave? Would it be about the whole property, or just a certain portion of it? Thank you!

  • Oh this makes so much sense. We are able to add contact information already to the tour. The e-mail address should instead be utilized for a contact form. Additionally, Matterport should save submitted e-mails that happen through the tour into the Workshop.

    I would put this feature as the top priority in this forum as this is a selling feature for Matterport that Realtors and other professionals are interested in that goes along with stats. Anything to measure engagement and provide useful data is top priority for Matterport IMHO.

    Seriously, this idea is the best idea I've seen -- this is so simple to integrate and deserves to be expedited and I cannot believe that Matterport did not already have this in place.

  • Can I also ask to clarify: do you embed the model within your site? If so, how would you think about feedback entered within your site versus within the model (embedded)? Just trying to understand more about different channels for that feedback when a viewer interacts with a specific space.

  • If the tour is full screen and/or if people want to leave feedback or ask questions while browsing, it makes sense to have it integrated.

  • I know on my real estate listings that I use Matterport on, I tell my clients to expect less actual showing since the buyer has the ability to see the entire how online interactively. My clients love it since they don't have to clean up and leave the home for as many showings. It is about quality - not quantity of showings!

  • Very well said! That is one of our hopes, to make the process easier, faster, and more productive for everyone involved!

  • I do tell my clients the same thing but when you do not get physical showings and have a lot of tours walked through it would be nice to get some feed back as to why the virtual tours are not turning into physical ones.

  • It is a clickable link that is provided by matterport not the embedded HTML code.

  • do not like carpet, wall color, floor plan. Or if something is dated

  • Agree with it being intergrated

  • The feedback would be very beneficial for the agent, broker and seller. Often I scan homes that have light bulbs not working, clutter not cleaned up, terrible floor plan, very dated interiors, etc. For the agent it would help them see where their shortcomings may be, and for a broker it would be good feedback on how well the agents are performing in preparing a home for showing. I think a broker would want to 'walk through' their agent's listings to review the look - and a MP Space is a great way for them to do it.

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