Permissions for designated web sites to use the showcase

Vimeo has this feature. The owner is able to designate in the program which web sites are permitted to use the links and embed codes. Those without permission who attempt to include links or embed codes in their web pages receive an error message on their screen stating the file is not accessible. This might be complicated by the 3D Showcase app--but this could be an exception to the permission restrictions possibly--and by MLS and MLS syndications, another exception perhaps for Zillow Triulio, and other syndicators?



  • Cool, I didn't know Vimeo did that. I can see, and hope for, permissions used more for non-real estate scans. MLS syndication is quite unruly, with restrictions put on paper but no real enforcement other than manually reporting violators. If you include the virtual tour as part of the listing in the MLS, there might be rules from restricting that access on external sites.

  • Interesting! @mike-1, how would having finer control over permissions on your scans help you? As you and @airbornejon, there could be some complexities with MLS usage, but first off it's helpful to understand the problem you're trying to solve. Thanks!

  • @mp-Scott The model is licensed by us to the real estate agent for the period of time the property is on the market with an outside date. If the property owner re-lists, we would like to have the ability to re-sell the product to the new agent, if they are interested, while continuing to use the model on our own site for marketing purposes. Similarly, if we are not timely compensated we would like to turn off access while retaining our right to use the scan for our own marketing. Additionally, it would prevent competitors or others from using our product without permission, as I've read has been an issue with some. These in particular.

    Thanks for considering.

    @airbornejon Yes, this is available at Vimeo, but I think for the pro and above subscriptions. I think the idea would be to permit access to syndicators if the MLS has access, if this is possible. But I understand how all of this could be problematic, or a challenge.

  • I have run into this issue when posting content with Vimeo, and I think that it does more harm than good to have content limited. For instance, having it greenlit for Facebook, and then someone wants to post it to LinkedIn, but permissions aren't set...well, you miss that opportunity and the person trying to share it most likely won't let you know. What could be a better solution would be to have a third option in the backend, so instead of having only "private" and "public" having a 3rd option that basically takes it offline, but doesn't disable the showcase. Maybe that already exists, but I haven't used it.

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