Ability to add a remarketing tag for viewers of a space

This could be a field to add a HTML or javascript snippet that is included in the HTML of the my.matterport.com/models/XXXX page, or it could be "fancier" where you just put in a google analytics ID or Facebook remarketing pixel ID and it's dealt with appropriately on the Matterport backend. We primarily do spaces for real-estate businesses, and those businesses do a lot of remarketing to visitors of their content. We can (and do) make individual web pages with the tours embedded that also have the retargeting tags they use, but it would be awesome if there was a way to make Facebook or Google (or other) remarketing work without having to create individual landing pages for every space, and instead be able to just share the my.matterport.com/models/XXXX links directly. I realize there could be some "security" challenges with this, and it may not be a highly requested item, but for the folks who do more sophisticated online marketing this would be huge. Thanks for your consideration!




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