A couple of additional fields for public information

1) Many states require that the license number of the agent appear in all ads--a location for this would be ideal

2) A space for the web site of the agent would be helpful

3) A place for the name and web address of the photographer would be excellent!



  • Cool ideas! These are all items you'd like to see in the 3D Showcase, correct? Would you want all of this information showing all of the time, or just at load, or available in the upper-left expandable/collapsible info pane? We're trying to strike a balance between keeping the interface as simple as we can, while still having required/valuable information present.

  • In the upper left where the details for the location address are currently and which can be expanded for more detail or hidden entirely, would be ideal.

    If its a matter of economy, then the license, as I always add it next to the name as required by the state bureau, and web address for photographer are the most important in this list.

    Thanks for the response.

  • Along those lines - I'd like to be able to add more description of the property highlights. It seems limited to about the same size as a tweet. It would be nice to list more detail here so as someone is virtually walking through they can seem details without having to exit the model or go to another tab - back and forth...

  • I'd like to have the ability to list the contact info for 2 agents - have had this request from several agents.

  • We also need the ability to identify the realty brokerage in addition to identifying the realtor (many of whom have their own legal "Personal Real Estate Corporations" with own websites, addresses but an official oversight agency like Re/Max or similar.

  • The subject of branding is key for both the realtor and the photographer. Without congesting the screen real estate (pun intended) how can we get a watermark type logo added to both the showcase and downloaded photos?

  • Great idea, @simonmodera! In fact, you might even want to create a separate product suggestion for watermarking.

  • It is nice that Matterport will look into your ideas. But you can already most of this with the WP3D plugin by Ross Peterson. Look in third party products and services.

  • Great point, @suttellej!

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