Ability to Mark Closets, Powder Rooms, and Other Small Areas in Capture App

So one thing that bugs me is how difficult it can be to scan a closet or other small area that you may or may not want to show in the actual walkthrough. I thought it would be awesome if we could mark a door so that in the next scan we can open the door and scan inside without getting an error.

Not sure if that makes sense, so I'll try to explain it from the view point of someone viewing the tour. Let's say they are going through the master bedroom and see a door that happens to be the walk-in closet. My vision is that the door would be tagged so they would know it's a closet door, and when the click the door, it opens and they are able to walk-in (or peak in if the closet isn't large enough).

Personally, I'd prefer for the doors to be closed as you go through the home, only opening when someone wants to go in. The only way to do it now is to try to trick the camera, which can be time consuming and might not show well once you upload. I had a hell of a time trying to get a basement done on a fairly large house because it had a door leading down that had to be closed because the owner was down there with his dog while I scanned the main floor and second floor. Then I had to go back and rescan the area because when I opened the door to try to go down I got an error. I then cracked the door and scanned from further back, moved the camera, opened the door a little more and scanned again, and had to repeat until I got it so the door was open without errors. I wasn't happy with the result in the end, but I had to get a quick turnaround for the agent, so it is what it is. I also had to trick the camera to capture the screened-in porch off of the kitchen. It took a couple of extra scans, but wasn't too bad. You can see the scan here - I marked the basement door so you know what it is when it's closed.

I would think that if you can mark mirrors and windows, why not doors? This would make things SO much easier for me, and I'm guessing everyone else. :)



  • Really cool idea, @Jason Atri! To make sure I understand, the idea is you could leave doors closed, but then mark them as doors, so that when you later wanted to open them, the fact the door is open/closed wouldn't prevent users from passing through it -- is that true?

  • I think the idea as you present it @mp-scott would be very handy. I have had a model that would not allow moving through a glass door as I had scanned it too close being closed. The ability to mark doors would be ideal to fix this issue coming up from time to time. I have also noticed others have had some of the same challenges and have seen a suggested work around of trimming either side of the door but the ability to mark them as doors would be fantastic. I like to have doors open and close in scans and this sometimes causes some issues with movement in the finished model.

  • Brilliant idea! Some doors bang into other doors so you end up scanning with doors half open and it looks like hot garbage

  • @mp-scott, that would help. I was thinking if we could mark doors so that the camera ignores it if it changes position from scan to scan, it would make the process go much smoother. Right now, if I want to scan a closet, I have to leave the door open or trick the camera. I'd like to have the door closed up until the camera is in front of the door so the person can view inside if they wanted to. Even better, having it so the door has some sort of call-to-action button so they can enter when clicked. I have other thoughts on this, but I'm typing on my iPad and it's kind of a pain. I'll elaborate more when I get back to my computer. :)

  • Ditto to the above! Being able to identify a door to have it open/close, even when scanning it closed would be a great help. Right now, my experimenting has found if I'm more than 15 feet from a door that I want to be able to walk through, then it can be closed. At the 15' mark, I make sure the door is open before my next scan. (But please check this out yourself before trusting it)

    I think that part of the problem with marking doors is that with windows/mirrors marking them tells the software to treat this data differently. With doors it would require that the data of the closed door be removed for passage and then replaced after passage - which seems like a much more difficult challenge. But MP is better positioned to comment on that as I'm no techie.

  • Superb idea! Would add to efficiency greatly!

    With todays's architecture it is very common to find en-suite washrooms obscured behind bedroom doors that require some gymnastics, careful planning and scanning to 'walk through' (scan on either side of )a half open door to then turn about and squeeze past without moving the door* (most often cramped spaces) to get into washroom. I think of this as the two-door u-turn. I had one where it was like an s-bend with a shower door involved too.

    * not moving the door is key to ensuring scans align.

  • Hi @Jason Atri

    maybe this product suggestion I've posted here could be a simpler solution for what you're asking?

    Have a look:

    Workshop: create "walk-allowed" segments by "connecting" pairs of scans

    I try to suggest ways to solve the same problems that I meet from other suggestions (or from my own needs) thinking development-side, in order to maximize the chances that a feature request will be actually transformed into reality in a reasonably small amount of time.

    So if you think my product request would help towards your needs, please vote it.

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