Facebook intergration Fix

Right this minute on facebook, when a link is posted to facebook, it pulls the original image used as a thumbnail. When you change this image, it does not allow for the newer image to be pulled. I believe that this is just a problem with updating the server caches, and should be a simple fix, but put it here because it seems more like a development issue than a one off issue. @MP-Scott



  • @zack, good note, I'll pass it on -- thanks!
  • @zack, I believe that the image currently refreshes after 24 hours. Is that consistent with what you're seeing? Need it to be faster?

  • The one that I was having problems with specifically had been about 3 days. May just be load on the server.

  • OK -- if you're seeing that commonly, send a note in at! Feel free to mention we have discussed this on the Community site too / link to this thread.

  • Hi @zack I quite regularly change the images for my models and wish to post immediately on facebook. Not sure if you have tried this but I found a way to update the cache immediately by scraping the URL with Facebooks debugger enter the url and there will be an option to scrape it. That will update the image that Facebook has stored. Hope this helps.

  • I am sure I will be back to this page to get this url in the future!

  • It is one of my most used bookmarks :)

  • Super clever, @David McKean!

  • Good note! If you have this issue, be sure to like th this thread, and then see @David McKean's clever fix below!

  • This is because of the FB cache. Check the status & update it here:

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