Using a custom domain for model sharing

It would be awesome to use a custom domain for the models URLs. This way we can assign an easy to remember / descriptive / short URL to the models.



  • Interesting -- @manolo, you're talking about user-settable URLs, not just URL shortening, right? Like being able to put the address or other info in the URL?

  • Yes exactly. Instead of having an URL like we could configure

    That would be AMAZING.

  • You could just use a URL shortener like -- but I wish Matterport would do this too with SEFURLs. This way if we have to reupload a model, we can move the SEFURL and not have to update our clients.

  • @Chris

    Could you explain us how could we benefit from this URL Shortener to hide the real link of the matterport URL.


  • The best solution:

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