Link to any Scene from Mattertags

Have you ever shot a home or building with both stairs and an elevator? I have. My clients always ask if I can make the elevator link to the next floor and I have to explain that I cannot do this.

Boy would it be easier to say yes! I could easily imagine Mattertags being the solution! As well as allowing us to link to 360 Views (Another request), Mattertags should be capable of linking to ANY scene from a drop down selection in Workshop.



  • Maybe the problem could be solved in a simple way if the chars limit in the mattertags was less thight, or if the chars limit count would not take into account the characters in the url (or by taking them into account with less weight).

    In fact, by clicking the "u" key in a space, you get the direct link to that specific location. Usually a link in a mattertag opens a new browser window, but when it is a "" url, it loads the content into that same window (no popup).

    But that url, is too long for a mattertag. E.g.:,587311ee31b242f0a453cd8bf93f19e6,0.0000,-5.0000,0.0000,-0.0965,-0.7533,-0.1135,0.6405

    Regarding linking to 360° Views, this would also work (with a less thight chars limit for mattertags) but see this my comment:

  • Are you saying that this functionality already exists but is undocumented and is only blocked by a URL length limit? If so, are you suggesting that matterport could make a quick change to the field length limit to allow this?

  • Yes, I believe a change to the counter for the field length (e.g. by assigning less weight to the characters in URLs, so to allow for those long matterport links) should immediately get the thing work.

  • I think we're talking about features that aren't available to all users. This ability is not actually available to me :)

  • Maybe you're just misunderstanding. To let me follow better: exactly, what ability is not available to you?

    I'm just guessing that with the possibility to paste as links in mattertags the direct links that are associated to any position inside the space (got with "u" key from the player), they would work as links that do not open a new window, so they could be a quick workaround while an actual "true" feature will be available. But no I can't do this anyway, because those links are too much long to be put in mattertags.

  • I cannot post links in Mattertags :)

  • Oh well, ok!

  • Ok I've cleaned the thread so it's back open to normal discussion of what you asked.

  • Yes that feature would be great: to use Mattertags to quickly teleport to any scan spot in a space, or to a 360° View, or also to any scan spot or 360° View in a different space.

  • Chris, regarding this, you may want to also have a look to what I proposed here:

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