Export to Streetview

It would be WONDERFUL if our Matterport tours could be exported as street view tours. This would open us MSP providers up to offering an additional product and would also potentially begin a formal relationship with Google. Google has been promoting the Ricoh Theta S as a Streetview Solution. How many more Matterport Cameras could you guys sell if you were offered as solution there too?

From a technical aspect, I cannot imagine that this would be difficult to offer as Matterport's technology is already so advanced and already knows how to map each scene. Google's Streetview format should be easy to master for the wizards at Matterport!



  • This is great! We're always on the lookout for new opportunities like this. The more demand there is more for Matterport Spaces, the more business our customers will get -- everyone wins! I've passed it on to the team here, keep the ideas coming...

  • So I just bought a Ricoh Theta S for a client who wants BOTH ... and I'd rather pay a processing fee to Matterport for each tour I want to export for Streetview...

  • Interesting! Is your client primarily interested in Street View, or the panorama imagery? I know they're somewhat hard to separate, but if the system could *either* export stand-alone panoramas, OR export panoramas exclusively for Streetview use, which would be better?

  • Exclusively for Streetview since using GPS data, the tour could be automatically linked and distributed directly to Google like Theta does.

  • As a note, and are offering matterport to street view conversion services. best of both worlds! Matterport + Street View!

  • I believe MP users' customers will find the costs are prohibitive when added to MP shoot costs.

  • @simonmodera Both providers have closed shop, however, I believe that both were priced affordably in such a manner that one could easily profit.

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