Google Earth integration to replace blank space around models.

What if we had the option to choose a background instead of the standard black background? What if Matterport could actually load data from Google Earth and position our model correctly on a Google Map -- or Google Earth Satellite Photography? As long as the data was loaded from Google upon launch, I believe this is fair use.

Below is a rough Photoshop of what this could potentially look like. I picked an area without the highest level of available satellite photography, but I think you'd get the idea.

Even if this wasn't a feature that Matterport could legally provide .... perhaps allowing us to import our own backgrounds (hosted off-site to keep Matterport from potentially hosting copyrighted images) via a URL would allow us to do something similar if we are so inclined. A 3rd Party could easily setup a service to provide mapping using the Geo-Data and user input for fine tuning.



  • Goof grief that is one of the best ideas I have heard in a log time!!

  • This is brilliant!

  • Thanks @Chris Hickman, this is exactly why we were pulsing around options for location capture and address validation - so you have location-related options. Keep the ideas coming - this is great.

  • The ability to do a fly-in with Google Earth, to Drone, to MP Space is compelling and love the ideas above.

  • Hi, please read this request that I've posted because it would be simpler to implement for Matterport (i.e. more likely to be done soon if you vote it):

    Replace OBJ file with a better one

    With this kind of feature, what you ask could be somehow done by editing the OBJ to have a planar polygon under itself, with any texture (i.e. a map). Sure not the perfect solution to achieve what you ask here - but the replacement of files on a server is something that sure the dev team knows how to build, without too much research.

    If my request gets enough votes.

  • We have played with this idea and our results have been received very well by our customers

  • Wow, @infoinspirationalviews, that is terrific! Really, really enjoy what you've done!

  • You know ... would it be possible to have a parameter to allow a transparent background? If so, IFRAMEs can be transparent and we could, in theory, place the IFRAME over a background sourced from Google Maps ... or we could be silly and overlay an IFRAME over a drone flythough...

    Could be the worst thing ever suggested - but a transparent background opens up possibilities.

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