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I am really enjoying showing my clients their VR spaces that have been created. It is not for everyone but the responses so far have been brilliant. I am wondering if there is a way to track what level of engagement the VR models are getting. Will there be seperate stats to say how many times the VR models have been viewed? I have downloaded a lot of my models onto the device I use to show the VR spaces. This device is not usually connected to the internet when I am showing clients. This I expect may be how many clients/MSP's view these spaces. Is it possible to at least track how many times the VR spaces have been downloaded and have this by Cardboard version and Gear VR version (with iOS version when released).

I am finding that VR is so new and people are quite sceptical as to whether people will actually use the service. If we could back up our sales pitch with some data on existing projects particularly whilst the service is free I believe it will really help when the service is chargeable.



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  • Hi there @David McKean! Excellent idea, and one that's obviously interesting for us internally too ("Are we building the right things, the right way, for our users?"). I will say that at the moment, we have a LOT more ideas for VR coming in than we can do quickly, so it may be a little while until some of these ideas get built -- but PLEASE keep the feedback and ideas coming! :-)

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