Ability to white balance / make temperature / tone changes to scenes

While the Matterport camera does an honorable job of capturing scenes and white-balancing shots - there are too many times where as a photographer, I know that changing the color temperature of a scene would correct everything.

As a developer, I know that there are often non-destructive filters available for WebGL and other technologies. Shoot, I can add filters in jQuery to 2D objects! So, it only makes sense to me that in the workshop, we would be allowed a few sliders to add filters that would provide us the ability to color correct a room that came out ridiculously YELLOW or warm a room that came out ridiculously BLUE.

This request should be simple to implement as it is a filter, is completely non-destructive, and would be applied at run time. It would be available to us for any previous images and would put more control in our hands without Matterport losing control on their platform.



  • Holy cow! Is your post the understated request of the year!!!! CHEERS!

  • For me a cool 1st step would be to be able to use Photoshop on the 360 full panoramas and reupload them. Often you need a little more to fix bad stitchings.

  • Marcus, that would be a great idea, however, from a platform standpoint, I could see non-destructive filters being easier for MP to implement and allow us to use.

  • What if there was a way to use a gray card during the capture process. Perhaps the camera takes a 7 shots with the 1st being a white balancing shot applied to the remaining 6. Not for each but for all scans between white balance scans. This could either be an auto white balance, done in Work shop. or both.

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