Allow user to "tilt" model if necessary - Experimental Model

I thought it would be neat and possibly a good selling point with some of the local Chambers to scan some of the area canyons under proper lighting conditions (dusk with cloud cover). The scanning seemed to work just fine in the narrow canyon. The issue I have is that the waterfall at the end of the canyon is not vertical in the model. I've read all support docs and can't find a single thing on how this can be corrected. After posting this in another forum on Matterport's support site, it was suggested I post it here since there was ample support for the idea. Matterport's response was that since it is an outdoor scan, there is nothing to adjust the "tilt" of the model to since there are no flat floor areas to reference. My suggestion was for Matterport to add functionality for the user to "tilt" the model in Workshop if needed. As I mentioned in the previous forum, this could be a huge market for Matterport since Google is doing it with trails but nobody can afford nor purchase a Google camera. There are also other competitors who will quickly catch up to and pass Matterport in this realm if they do not stay ahead of the curve. Please post your support for this idea so we can get them to implement it.

Here it is so you can see:



  • Thanks for posting, @naturesfinestimages! Gets my vote! OK if I add a link to your prior post, pointing to this one?

  • Yes, please add the link.

  • Hi there @naturesfinestimages and @MP-Scott I think I get this suggestion, but it probably need some clarity e.g. tilt vs the horizon level etc. I was wondering if someone could outline a bit more . The key words, to me, in the original post IMO are " the waterfall ... is not vertical". The ability to draw a line in workshop on an image surface and give it a characteristic e.g.vertical, and not flat, convex/ concave, or incline with guestimated angle e.g the tilt, or... may help?

  • Oh wow. I love this idea.

    @simonmodera - Not sure if you know this, but the camera actually detects if it's not level and stores information based on this so that panoramas that are not level actually straighten when displayed. This same tech SHOULD be applied to 360 Views -- I see this as a worthy project that should be greenlit by Matterport. 360 Views don't need to be second class citizens :) They may be lacking the 3D Mesh, but the other tech is in place.

    No reason why workshop cannot allow us to add hotspots too :)

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