Add a manual levelling tool in Workshop

Add a levelling tool into Workshop to manually adjust the horizon where the software has been unable to descern the true horizon due to an irregular or textured ground plane. I would suggest that it allows you to draw a line across your model that represents the 'horizon' and then the model could be rotated by the software to match that level.

Or simply allow the model to be rotated in the X/Y plane in Workshop.



  • It's been my experience that Showcase adjusts for pitch when the camera was SLIGHTLY off... is there a chance that the camera was VERY unlevel in the instances you're requesting this feature for?

    I see the problem being that the levelling tool wouldn't play well with the 3D mesh... perhaps I'm wrong?

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  • This request was linked to the waterfall posting by @naturesfinestimages where the camera cannot work out the horizon of the model due to the uneven nature of the ground:

    A levelling tool of the type I'm suggesting would move the whole model. As I understand it from examining the OBJ is that the Mesh and Scan point Photospheres are linked so if you move the Mesh you move the photosphere and vice versa.

    Pretty straightforward to implement I'd have thought.

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