Connect similar scans on different floors.

Similar to this great idea, but I think, a little different.

I recently ran up against this problem when scanning a 2-story home with a detached garage, and above-garage apartment.

Problem: I cannot scan the above-garage apartment within the same model and have it link to the second floor, or even 3rd floor.

My Solution: Utilize the same scan on 2 floors to create links from above to below.

Example: I scan all of the first floor of the main house, outside, and detached garage within the scan I go halfway up both sets of stairs (in the main house, and in the detached garage). I then, set each halfway point as being registered both to the 1st floor and 2nd floor.

Result: This gives me initial registration points I can connect to as I proceed as normal through the 2nd floors in the two separated areas, and allows me to scan the whole property within the same model, instead of separate them like I did in this post looking for help.



  • Good thinking, @ab! We're working on a few things that also might make this easier to resolve in the future, stay tuned! ;-)

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  • @ab interesting... would you mind sharing a link to the final model? Would love to see the finished result.

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