VR Manual

To help educate agents and clients about the VR version it would be helpful to have all the different articles on VR combined into a single document



  • Hello @Bill,

    We do have a couple of support documents that may be of use.

    If you have not seen it yet, we have a "User Flow & Implementing Matterport VR" guide that you can use to train your agents. It can be download here:

    While it may not be quite as comprehensive as our full Support page, it should cover the major points of getting set up to use the Matterport VR app and CoreVR.

    Additionally, for your clients there is a "Matterport VR Samsung Gear VR" manual you can download here:

    We are working on a Cardboard Manual as well, however, it is still being updated.

    Hopeful you will find these helpful. That said, what other information (if any) do you feel would be good to include in either guides?


    Keith S.

    Matterport VR

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  • Great, thanks!

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  • Good stuff!

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