Allow notes when ordering a floorplan

Sometimes when a home is staged, the designer will use a desk in a bedroom, giving the impression it might be an office. When this occurs, the floor plan comes back with an 'office' label. I then need to edit both the pdf and PNG files to re-label as a 'bedroom'. Creating a label in Workshop hasn't helped. because it's not viewable in the 3D Space.

Also, sending an email to 'floorplans' does not work well due to the person creating the floorplan does not get the email request right away. So then a revised floor plan does get done, but it is too late for the agent to use.

Being able to add a note at the time of ordering the floor plan would correct this. On the plus side, I have noticed the turnaround time is much quicker than 7-8 weeks ago.



  • What about adding a mattertag to the room. Who ever does the floor plan, clearly looks at the 3D tour. I agree, I think a notes section would still help.

  • @clonforte Great idea!! Love the power of the community!

  • That's a really cool idea.

  • This continues to happen and unfortunately MTags don't work because they work from the OBJ file.

  • Sorry for all the confusion with Schematic Floor Plan revisions.  I would recommend sending a support ticket to with the space name and URL and what revisions need to be made.  Then go into the space and submit your request for a floor plan. 

    Another option or idea, whether its feasible or not, would be to scan that area twice, one with the desk and one without the desk covered up with a blanket.  Upload the space with both scans with and without.  Go into Workshop and hide the desk, keeping the covered desk scan.  Submit the floor plan.  Once you get the floor plan back, go into Workshop and show the scan with the desk and hide the one without.  Might work.  Might not.  Worth a try.

  • Its realy good Ideas, for me its always the same kind off problem. Have to ask each floor plan to put the address, for me it occur that is a normal think on floor plan, I have to ask for the measurement of the Porch, Patio, Deck etc. They will call PORCH everything I don't know for you in USA but in Canada, in the back yard its PATIO or a DECK or BALCONY. It will save loot of time if we can ask at the same time when we order the floor plan. Know we have to wait that the floor plan come back ask end wait again 24 h when its not on the week end.

  • 3 years later it always the same problem. Being able to add a note at the time of ordering the floor plan would correct this.PLEASE CAN YOU DO SOMETHING!!!

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