Ability to disable dollhouse, keep Floorplan View

Some clients do not like the dollhouse view. They do like the floorplan view. We have the ability to have both or none. Why not allow a bit more customization?



  • @Chris Hickman Thanks for the suggestion - makes sense. Can I ask a couple of follow up questions:

    - are the issues with the dollhouse more tied to content (it looks incomplete, or too 'geeky'), or that it is often introduced first in an overview (or both)

    - do you think your clients would retain the dollhouse view if it was not part of a fly-in?

    Any other feedback you can provide on why your clients would prefer to not have the dollhouse view will be very helpful.


  • @MP-Kirk - Some of my bizarre clients think the dollhouse detracts. I am thorough with my scans so that it does not look incomplete. It's a preference. If I have a client who is interested but wants the dollhouse disabled, but wants the floorplan visible, I would love to facilitate.

    Being able to disable the intro fly-in would be an additional feature that would be nice to offer. I like the fly-in, although many times it looks like a crash landing.

  • The dollhouse is the primary differentiator and the reason for detailed scanning. If they just want a floor plan, scan, create a floor plan from the MP scan, and deliver that. I think having the option to default to floor plan view or dollhouse could work here and allow the consumer to choose.

  • Sometimes I scan office space, which means that I scan all public places and perhaps 20-40% of all available rooms. It makes the dollhouse not always looks great. I also want to be able to choose to only have the floor plan and not the dollhouse

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