Note the 'signed in' account when doing 'upload' in Capture

MSP's often scan for clients that have their own account, requiring the MSP to sign out, and then sign in to the specific client account. Would be helpful to have as part of the upload pop-up window the account currently signed into.

It wouldn't require the need to change the account in that window, but would be a 'nice to have'.



  • Great one Bill, also, having the ability to have one email for multiple MP accounts. Currently, one email can have access to only one mp account, even as a collaborator. I recently experienced a problem where a client is set up as collaborator, and also has his own account and accidentally starting uploading to my account.

  • Hi @Bill and @carlosfhdz, would this solution work?

    - Every time a user presses upload, we can show a confirmation dialog box. "You are about to upload. Please confirm you are signed in to your desired You can confirm in Settings."

    Will this work? Will this be too annoying, especially for users with only one account? Should we consider having a toggle in Settings, to turn this warning on or off?

  • @MP-Scott Works perfect for me!

  • @MP-Scott I think a toggle in the setting would be more appropriate to ensure it doesn't become a nuisance to those who only deal with one account. Out of MP's entire user base, I imagine those with this concern are not many, but are bigger model producers and working with other account holders.

  • Toggle works for me!

  • Good note, @carlosfhdz! I think you're right, we'd probably *not* want to hassle users with single accounts. Thanks!

  • Definitely!

  • UPDATE: We are actively investigating a way to address this issue!

  • This is a great idea. I subcontract -- this would be VERY good -- but of course, include the account e-mail address in the confirmation box :)

    If you wanted to set up the app to save multiple accounts, that would also be nice.

  • This has become a major issue for me. I have multiple merged accounts and the default account when I log in with my company Virtual Viewpoint login account, is not Virtual Viewpoint. It's a company that starts with the letter "A" and it seems the capture app defaults to the first in the alphabetized list and doesn't save the last set organization. At this point, I've uploaded six models to the clients account by accident. Not only that but it costs me almost an entire day to fix, because I usually upload in the evening and process the next day. So, I get up the following morning and check the account and voila nothing in the account. I check the merged client account and there they are...EXTREMELY frustrating after a 16 hr day of scans.

    I'm working on my day off and thought I may get Mothers day afternoon, but this issue has stolen that time from me, cost me money, and frustrated me beyond belief.

    Matterport you need to fix this.

    Please prompt and ask which "organization" to upload to, when the upload confirmation is displayed in the capture app. Or at least give the capability to choose the default account.

  • Agreed- again - 2 things

    a) have the ability for Capture to recall various log-in User Names when signing in

    b) have the pop-up for log-in simply say : You are singed in to account 'XYZ' Upload?  This pop-up doesn't need anymore call to action than it currently has - just the note about which account you are uploading to.  A great reminder, especially for scanners that work on several different accounts  

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