Option to open Mattertag external URL content in same window.

I would like to see a switch/button in the Mattertag URL content creation window that allows you to open content within the same window vs. new window.




  • @jrbatchelor Interesting and good suggestion that others have surfaced before. What kind of experiences are you interested in specifically enabling?

  • Sound. If we can link to an outside site within the same window we can enable sound to play for an area by creating multiple pages with the sound built in.


    Webpage 1 - opening view from scan point with Mattertag with link, no sound.

    User clicks mattertag link that says "Play Description of Space" (this link leads to second page with quickstart enabled that has the sound playing on the page)

    Webpage 2 - from same scan point you can still see the same mattertag and continue with the tour.

    and so forth and so on...

  • @jrbatchelor Cool idea! Can you help me understand the goals for the sound? Is this background music, or a narrative about the property, or something else? Would you wan this always present, or more specific behavior?

  • Well considering that it would be launched only when the link is initiated by the user I would say that it would best be used as a narrative. I would not use it as a narrative about the entire property, so much as a narrative about certain things about the property.

    Here is an example of a kitchen that has things down low that if there was only one Mattertag that had a sound bite narrative about the kitchen, for example the microwave is located in the island which is hard to see because it is so low, it would create a cleaner space. Example: Kitchen ,

    I have had complaints about having to have so many Mattertags and about the way they look. A sound bite would work much better to keep the user interested while browsing.

  • Regarding sound, you may want to go to this thread (Product suggestions):

    Background music

  • @jrbatchelor Thanks for clarifying. I take your point as to how much cleaner the experience feels if you want to share interesting details about a space via audio versus cluttering a space with multiple mattertags. @Antonio Orlando The thread you shared is good context for past conversation. I will be sure to surface your notes to our product team! Thanks again for the input.

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