3D Showcase Ipad app - Let anyone create a non MP customer account to use it

What I would like is the ability to have 3d showcase ipad app open to anyone. It would assist our customers in instances where they are on selling our service to be able to show people as we can. I have heard of some work around on doing this and using collaborators maybe but a fix by MP would be great.

So... Let people create an account via downloading and installing the app which is a tier below what ours is. They can then let us know what their ID/username or whatever is and we can give download permissions via workshop which then allows for the showcase that has been marked with permission to be seen via the "cloud" section in their ipad which they can download and use as they please, keeping favorite stand out houses for their pitches. Works for designers, builders, real estate agents...whoever.



  • Hi Steve, Anyone can download and access any public model with the standalone iOS Showcase app- as long as you know the SID (11 character ID), which is the suffix of any Space URL. ( ex: ””) Just enter it in to the search box of the "Cloud" tab.

  • Cheers Marcus, I was unaware of that. Thanks for telling me :)

  • I know that I can add my models to the Showcase app, but if I add a collaborator (which I must do before I assign it to a model) does the collaborator have access to all the models I've scanned or only to the one I added to a specific model?

  • For some reason, the showcase app is not allowing a client to download their 3D model to their ipad.  I provided the SID, which they entered with the URL address (as stated above), but the app doesn't respond or do anything.

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