Send Matterport your best scans to feature on the Gallery & in the press!!!

Hi folks,

This time last year we started a major campaign to hunt down and find some of the most interesting and unique models that had ever been created using the Matterport camera. This was originally the brain child of Matterport's co-founder Matt Bell. He felt it would be a good way to show off the tremendous artistry and fascinating places captured. I was tasked with being the curator (something I considered an honor) and at the time must have looked at thousands of models (no joke) that were submitted to us. From there, we seeded the beginning content for the Matterport Gallery and Matterport VR app. Admittedly I may have missed a few gems, but if so, please re-submit! =)

Show us your best Spaces!

Today we continue to hunt for the great models and I highly encourage people to submit their favorite scans for us to consider. You can easily do this by submitting your models on this FORM. While we do get lots of submissions, every few weeks when we batch upload new curations, you will find new gems in the gallery. Also, something we've done is surface really unique spaces to publishers so MSPs can get some press, too! Last year we helped get lots of MSP models featured across newspapers - one really popular model being that of Kendall Jenner's home which we got published to 15 newspapers! Here's the thing - we want to promote really exciting models and help generate publicity for MSPs that are doing great work.

The one thing that I have found incredible is the way our tech can take you to far away lands and places you would never imagine visiting from the bus that Rosa Parks was on to the T-Rex exhibit at the Smithsonian to Turkish palaces! Please help us grow this library and collection of places so we can build bridges between countries and cultures.

Happy Friday! Everyone have a great weekend and next week, start sending us your favorite models again!

Yours truly,


ps - You can read Matt's blog post about the inception of the Gallery.




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