Workshop URL privacy concern

I don't see where anyone has brought this up and for us this is another real privacy concern.

Any person with knowledge of how the Matterport URL structuring is can view what I feel should be private information. The workshop is just that - a workshop. The world should not have access to it without permission. Currently any non-authorized user, with just couple changes to the models URL can see when the model was created, view all assets, take measures, views number of scans on each floor, view which scans were hidden, see all Mattertags, download images from existing snapshots, see branding in published unbranded links, and possibly more.

Knowing many of the URL tricks myself, I must admit I peeked into the windows of other Matterport workshops to learn how others are doing shoots. With this access I have also helped troubleshoot and assist other photographers. And I know others have also peeked into our windows as well so we try to keep things clean. At this stage it's all public access unless model is locked and unviewable. Some of us incorporate tricks into a shoot that we have learned through trial and error and some are hard taught lessons. It becomes a "secret sauce" of sorts which gives us advantage over the competition.

Not a coder but should be easy fix simply be generating entirely new URL's for all links.

If others agree this should be addressed to Matterport please give the post a like.



  • Great note, @Bill Bailey, thank you! I'll ensure this makes the rounds here. Much appreciated!

  • Bill - thanks for sharing this info as I was not aware until now. I totally agree the Workshop needs to be tightly controlled.

  • Also, We are a General Contractor and would like to be able to SHARE projects with stakeholders only. Is there a way to only make public for certain people? I don't want them to be able to COLLABORATE but want them and them only to be able to view and walkthrough our projects.

    Right now it only looks like you can set to PUBLIC and that allows ANYONE to view. We are a bit different from realtors and would really like to have some sort of sign in or some way of allowing only the selcet few to have public access.

    any help would be appreciated.

  • Hi @agradoville! This question of creating various types of collaborators with various levels of permissions is one that has surfaced before. I'd recommend taking a look at this thread and if you think it's relevant and important hit "like". Our product team checks the Product Suggestions section of Forum with some frequency so it's good for them to see what is trending and top of mind for people!

  • I see no reason why the Workshop side of things cannot require a login. There's absolutely no benefit to the average user to allow this to be public.

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