Re-Import Tours for Edit

One of the previous surveys asked if we would like to have the ability to edit published tours on our iPads -- basically, to reimport it from the cloud if we deleted it.

I'd benefit from this. A lot of people will. If this is something that is actively being worked on, it would be wonderful to know. Once again, it would help us with our clients.




  • I am using Matterport for rental properties and this would save me from having to reshoot the entire property.

  • I've saved spaces on my iPad that I believed may someday be a portfolio piece, not necessarily because they were great scans, but great locations. The memory is maxing out. But, because of the improvements over the last year with the camera, processing & rendering, the new uploaded showcases are improving, vastly. I've uploaded numerous scans that we performed months or a year or two ago and they're re-rendered quality is far better than original. It would be nice to "hold on" to these scans for future use. Perhaps they can be saved on my.matterport alongside each respective model?

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