Show Scan Points when adding trim

When marking windows, mirrors and trim the scan points disappear. The original version of the Capture app kept them displayed. I found it much easier to mark with the original version because I could immediately tell what spot I was at in the minimap and my eye didn't have to wander.

I include exterior scans on almost all my Spaces and when adding trim to those outside areas it is a constant place the trim, move the trim & adjust the trim. With the scan points displayed it's very easy to place the trim and be done.



  • @Bill , would you want that as a toggle, or an always-on feature?

  • @MP-Scott Toggle would be best as it builds in flexibility.

  • Placing trim accurately requires zoom in which is time consuming when on a shoot. Bill's suggestion helps to get a sense of where the actual wall is placed. However an ability to turn the capture view to snap to a grid (toggled) would help a great deal for alining trims. Yes, @MP-Scott , this should be in a new posted suggestion, I just wanted to float the thought as there could be other techniques or tools?

  • Agreed as a toggl

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