Best Practices After Finishing Scan Lead Services

Once you’ve sold your Matterport scan offering to a lead, it’s important to translate that business into repeat and future business! Here are a few ideas on what you can do to leverage your customer after you complete their scan:

  1. Send Surveys: Once you’ve completed a Matterport scan, send a survey to your customer to make sure your advertised services aligned with their expectations. Soliciting feedback from your customers is the best way to learn where you’re doing a fantastic job, and also where there is room for improvement. Some sample survey questions include:
    1. How likely are you to recommend <insert MSP>’s services to a friend?
    2. Were you satisfied with the timeliness, professionalism, and work of <insert MSP>?
    3. How did you hear about <insert MSP>’s services?
  2. Ask for Customer Testimonials: Testimonials from satisfied customers can be some of the most powerful marketing tools in your arsenal. Don’t be afraid to ask for a quote or testimonial from someone who you know is very happy with their scan. If they’re pleased with the result, solicit any positive feedback about the experience or result that you can include on your website! You can see some samples of Matterport testimonials here:
  3. Create a Case Study: Give future leads a chance to witness what your services accompanied with Matterport’s technology can do! Case studies are a valuable medium to tell an end-to-end story with key differentiators and measurable results. Not to mention yet another fantastic tool to use on your website and in your marketing campaigns. Some sample case study questions include:
    1. What does your company do? Why did you begin look for a Matterport Service Partner (MSP)?
    2. How did you find <insert MSP> and why did you decide to purchase their services? (Ex. price, fantastic package, reputable vendor, etc.)
    3. How did the services provided by <insert MSP> and Matterport address your pain-points?
    4. Do you have any quantifiable results to share after using <insert MSP> and Matterport? (Ex. 300% more engagement on listings, 4x sales, etc.)

The Matterport team is also here to help you - if you have a great story, let us help you tell it! Email and you may be selected as a featured MSP to be highlighted in a Matterport driven case study! You can see a sample of one our case studies here:

Do you have any other suggestions on best practices that work for your company once you complete a scan? We’d love to hear - let us know here!



  • Thank you for those great ideas!!

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  • Good stuff Kelly! Thank you!

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  • Thanks for the great ideas!

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