Lead Matching

Hi MSPs!

We wanted to address Service Partner concerns about being matched with leads. We match MSPs based on local proximity to leads who come in requesting a scan service. If you have not received a lead yet, it could be any of the following scenarios:

  1. We have not received inbound local scan leads in your area.
  2. Leads in your area opted out of a direct introduction, meaning they wanted to do their own outreach to self-select the local MSP who best fits their needs. In this scenario, we'll send up to 3 local MSPs' contact information to the lead, and the lead does their own outreach from that point forward. That is why it is very important to have the most up to date scan service offerings, logos, and Matterport Service Partner badge on your website.
  3. You've changed your email or phone number since applying to the program. If this is the case, please email msp@matterport.com so we can update your profile with the correct contact information.
  4. There are other MSPs who are closer in proximity.

We have been actively increasing our lead generation efforts for our MSPs over the last few months and have already seen 150% increase in lead volume. This will only continue to increase as we allocate more resources toward generating more leads for our MSPs - December's lead volume numbers are poised to double June's. We cannot guarantee each MSP will receive a baseline number of leads per month or year - what we can guarantee is that we pass along every single lead that comes in via our Find a Photographer form to our network of MSPs based on distance from the requested scan location.

We are continuing to ramp the lead volume for MSPs moving into 2017 by continuing to invest in SEO, servicing new verticals/forming new partnerships, and participating in events. Our investments have already proven that they are yielding leads, and that will only continue to expand in 2017 as awareness of Matterport grows. Please know we are working very diligently to provide all our MSPs both domestically and internationally with scan service leads to help jointly grow our businesses!

Pre-qualified local leads seeking 3D scanning services is a benefit of our program, but not the only way for you to generate business. We've created the necessary resources and materials you need to sell Matterport on your own. You can access any of the new 22 materials we launched earlier this week, and resources that were created earlier in the year, via our member portal. For additional ideas on what you can do to generate leads in your area, check out this community post.




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