Museum want to document their Exhibition using Matterport, they want to have a way to store and create archives of the models.



  • @fd Right now you can add a person a/k/a museum as a collaborator to your account and they can download the Matterport Showcase app to an iPad. They will have the ability to download their models and retain them for archival purposes. That could be a solution. Probably other solutions will be available in the future as Matterport continues to grow and add additional features.

  • Hi @fd,

    This is a common concern with many companies requesting their site be scanned and either online forever or archived and retrievable at any time. As Lisa suggested, you could set up a Collaborator account. With that account, you would share the Space your client needs to download and give them the credentials to the Collaborator account so they can access the Space and download it to their iOS device.

    Once they have it downloaded, you can remove the Space from their account and change the account credentials as a way to clean it for the next client. Meaning, you have only one Collaborator account that just keeps moving from one client to the next. Every time a new client logs in with a new password, they will only see the Spaces intended for them and none that belong to a different client.

    I hope that helps.

    -The Matterport Team

  • Thanks for the answers, i knew about the collaborator account i just hope that it will be enough for them because if i could get them to work with me, that will have a big impact for my business.

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