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I have been asked many times by my clients to create a navigation app for them using Matterport scans, I do scans for universities and schools and sometimes Malls. they want to have a search functionality and create a path (from point A to point B), imagine scanning a mall, and the user can search on the app for a certain shop, the app will point out the shop and show a navigation path that you can follow on your app to reach to that shop.

All what we need to make this happen is the full texture (like the details on matterport web views) to be downloadable so we can import it into the app development and build the navigation functionality. Even if we have to pay extra fees for each model to have the full texture. This is really important and could open lots of possibilities for Matterport and for us.





  • Great idea!

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  • What you want is the cloud-point, that is available now as a beta. This will convert to a model that you can use to build navigation in Unity or Unreal. If you are looking for a solution to build non-3d navigation with photospheres, that is a different discssion and currently is not allowed under Matterport's ToS.

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  • Hi @nasir-fts,

    I really like the idea of creating GPS for malls, in a way, I know it could also help with large department stores when you want to find specific items.

    When you download the OBJ file, all the texture maps associated with that Space are also downloaded. The only thing that isn't, is the 2D panos that go with each scan position. However, this information is not used in the dollhouse or floor plan view, but only in the inside view as one is navigating through the space. I would think that view is less than ideal if you want to draw a complete navigation line from your location to the store in a mall - especially if the Space has multiple floors. I assume the dollhouse view is best suited for that, in which case, the 2D panos wouldn't help, since they are not part of that view.

    The reason you see such a nice high resolution image as you're standing over a scan position inside the space is because the high res 2D pano is wrapping the lower res geometry of the 3D mesh. That 2D pano is only visible from the scan position and isn't really part of the 3D mesh at all. Even in 3D Showcase, once you look at the dollhouse, the high res panos wrapping the mesh disappear and you're left with the same thing you see when downloading the OBJ file and texture map images.

    Of course, regardless, it would be very cool to see the ability to have the 2D panos and 360° Views downloadable.

    -The Matterport Team

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  • We need this to further develop our cool idea instead of just scanning. Plus, the more value we can deliver to our clients , the more competitive we become in the market.

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  • Does the point cloud files also contain high quality textures and a better mesh?
    The .OBJ data is not good enough to create a great looking experience in Unity or Unreal. I am waiting for the announced SDK and Whitelabel-Solution since we bought a MP Cam 12+ month ago as this was the main reason to buy one. Unfortunately until now there´s no visible progress for a SDK or API-Access for advanced MSP´s which could really boost MP Captures with custom branded apps and developments.

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