Support for Playstation VR Plattform

As the Playstation VR is the cheapest and for sure soon most used VR platform soon, a support of the platform to enable MSP´s to deliver custom client branded VR Experiences e.g. for real estate agencies would be great and help to spread Matterport VR-Spaces.



  • Great suggestions, @Marcus Morba. I actually don't know anything about Sony's VR platform, but certainly think if it's going to be cheaper and more widely used that Daydream from Google, we should investigate. Thanks for bringing this up.

  • Of course currently Daydream has the most potential in the "mobile" VR-Market and is currently the most exciting mobile plattform. But when I think longterm and of an "advanced" full 3D-environment for POI/POS even the latest smartphones - I have a Pixel & Daydream - have much limits in quality cause they can´t handle the same amount of polygones and HQ textures like a "desktop" solution. Besides after 15-25 minutes the device get´s really hot and the battery close to 0 very fast.

    Unity will integrate the Otoy Octane technology in 2017 which will introduce a new generation of "realtime" HQ rendering.

    But maybe the OSVR ( is a better developer option.
    Do you have experience with it?

  • Unfortunately, I do not have any experience with OSVR, but I certainly agree with a phones limitations to providing a VR experience that would be as high quality as desktop VR solutions. That said, the market doesn't always choose the best technology, but sometimes the most convenient. We'll have to see where it goes this time and develop accordingly.

    Thanks so much for your suggestions. It certainly does give food for thought :)

  • @Matterport-Amir

    Are you certain that Sony's VR platform will be cheaper and more widely used than Daydream? That seems a bit of backwards.

  • I can tell you with 100% certainty that I do not know what the future holds :) I actually don't have any experience with Sony's VR solution. I think in most cases multipurpose tools, generally speaking, won't do as good a job as a dedicated one. Cell phones are amazing tools, but currently VR requires they use a ton of cpu and their batteries are drained very quickly as a result when using VR. What @Marcus Morba was referring to is a dedicated VR tool that is tethered and, I assume, would therefore not have these same issues. The screens could also be optimized for viewing from 2 inches.

    Do I think these advantages will make it cheaper and more widely used than Daydream, no.

    I hope that clarifies.

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