Ability to Advertise "inside" the model

Hello :-)

I was thinking that it could be interesting if you could create virtual billboards inside of models that could display various forms of advertising that could be tailored to the user who is currently touring through the model.

For instance, let's imagine that I own a Bar or Night Club and have a scan done of the interior. I would probably like to be able to display my own (or even someone else's) advertising of upcoming events, drink specials, ...etc. inside of my virtual bar.

In some case, depending on how popular the matterport model is, it may be possible to generate some significant revenue from 3rd party ads. One example of this could be a scan of the inside of a professional sports arena (ice arena for example) and replace the static images of the fixed advertising throughout the arena with moving ads. People who visit the model in order to choose their seats would be exposed to the up to date advertising.

This could be technically difficult to achieve but I think that it could help to liven up the models.

Anyway, just a thought!

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  • Great Idea - Scan of a restaurant with menu board or specials. Taking a still at the time of the scan could provide the image. This could be updated and therefore general regular revenue.

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  • Hi @atemporale I agree that the potential for advertising revenue is there as long as the tools can be developed. Would also need a mechanism to capture the data with each 'ad' to be able to show marketing impact.

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  • Hi there Gents. This

    This would be great ONLY if we as Creators can control the advertisement content and placement. Else it becomes just another Google Adword / Facebook / advert blast and potentially a distraction to the core objective of showing a space and its contents. While I agree it 'could' become a means for a revenue stream to offset our Matterport costs I would need to control this to show ads only at certain spots (i.e. position within a specific size and location within a snapshot) and at certain times. Just have to take one look what has happened to the screen real estate in Facebook and Google / YouTube to know what kind of impact this would have on the work for your client.We already have a lot going on in Showcase.

    @atemporale and @Bill and @Pete de Halle

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