Has anyone here noticed that (which used to be a hotel booking site) is now an interior design site focused on virtual tours, featuring Matterport Spaces?

I have been meeting with the people in charge of the new to encourage MSPs to contribute Matterport spaces to Here’s the deal:

  • is currently not commisioning new Matterport spaces but rather they are repurposing already exisiting Matterport spaces.
  • It would be ideal (but no necessary) if MSPs would make copies of the Spaces they want to contribute and remove some of the identifying metadata on them (address, realtor contact info, etc.) prior to submitting them. However, will be using the the &title=0 URL parameter to help disguise’s repurposing of Matterport tours. ( will not be hiding the branding via URL parameter, so the MSP name (in the “Presented by …” section will be shown while the tour loads.)

Benefits to MSPs: (Why should I contribute?)

  • Increase the visibility of Matterport spaces in the sphere of interior design. Designers will be able to be featured on with rooms they have designed, so may open a new door for clients for MSPs.
  • Your Matterport spaces on will be linked to your profile, which can contain contact information (and links) to your business.
  • You can point to (and your participation in providing content to it) as evidence that Matterport is becoming more and more widely accepted.

How do I submit my Matterport Spaces for inclusion on

  • To submit Matterport Spaces to, either email a list of spaces you want to include to, or fill out this form
  • will review all submissions for appropriateness (no rooms from Hoarders, please!), tagged for decor/style and finishes, and then will add it to their site.


  • Who hosts the Matterport scans?
    • wants to use Mattertags to call out design elements in the Matterport Spaces, but that is complicated by the hosting issue. Only a collaborator on the Matterport account hosting the Space can add/edit Mattertags. That is an issue that will hopefully be resolved between Matterport and At this stage of the project, it would be great if MSPs would be open to adding Mattertags at the request of (and there is a question on the submission form asking this question) but it is not necessary for participation.



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