Background music

We're humans so when senses are stimulated together the experiences are usually better (if well stimulated of course).

You know in a video, music can make the difference between a good video and an unforgettable video.

A background music while visiting a virtual space can also make a great difference to the experience. I'd love to be able to upload background soundtracks (or even choose from some Matterport's partner library, at some point).

Smartphones can support very well music play, so this is something that would also work well across devices.



  • An option to integrate with audio blocks would be fantastic as they are one of the few places that offer a flat subscription fee for stock music. $79/mo, or $99/year (I know their pricing doesn't make sense.)

  • Hi @Antonio Orlandoand @zack! Quick question: Would you want this music present throughout the model, or attached to a specific Mattertag? Would you want to be able to use any time of audio (e.g. music, voiceover, audio tour), or is it music that you're really after? This is a super-cool idea, but really curious to hear about all the possible uses you'd be interested in. Cheers!

  • I don't know about the others but I would suspect most users would wish to have just a background song to play that would loop through, which is why I suggested audioblocks integration. That being said being able to upload an audio sound to attach to a matter tag would be cool to allow a voice over instead of just text

  • I used Windows Movie Maker... it was pretty easy. 16 highlights was exactly 2 minutes.

  • Please spend zero resources on this until walkthrough quality is improved. There is no way to determine the length of an audio recording versus the amount of time someone would spend exploring the scan @Antonio Orlando

  • I like the idea of sound while walking through the Space. Could get really sophisticated and have the sound change when 'stepping' on a circle. Such as entering another room (work out/entertainment/library).

  • The API of the MP Player does support audio already I assume. Nevertheless you can always add audio via your website and as overlay on top of the iframe. 3D audio is also a nice feature. Google just released Omnitone:

  • Here are the possible uses I'd be interested in:

    • general background audio, i.e. music starts streaming to entertain while loading the space, and keeps playing while you walk around; it should keep playing when other audio goes over it, but with volume a bit down;
    • audio that starts when you land on a specific scan spot (the same audio can be associated to several scan spots, but when the audio is the same obviously it does not start again when moving on them, just keeps playing the same), and changes when you land on a specific spot with a different audio associated;
    • audio that can be started/stopped from buttons in mattertags: hover on mattertag, the balloon opens, user clicks the play button under a text, and then continues the visit of the space while hearing at that audio;

    I would use these in different ways and different situations, sorry if I don't list them all.

    Just as an example, think in a museum we could create an experience like a guided tour, with explanations of what's there, history, etc.

    In any space, it would create the sensation of an invisible assistant, with a nice background music too.

  • Matterport's Showcase Platform already includes generic audio code. In my past data mining adventures I discovered this. Matterport Showcase utilizes three.js which has audio support, so much of the code is from that. There's no evidence that Matterport have done anything but left it in there for the future or internal experiments. Personally, I'd like my tour to be quiet.

  • I think it would be great to be able to place multiple sound squares on the models in the capture app that would allow you to insert audio for a space within the model. For example you would have Matterdio1 Matterdio2, Matterdio3. As you walked through a space and crossed one of the sides of the square, onto any of the scan points within the square it would play the audio for that square. Much like a Mattertag but based on the "area" you entered. Once uploaded the model would have these Matterdio's listed and we could either link to an audio file or record a voice over.

    I could see where Matterport may want to limit the use of this because of copyright issues. To mitigate this I would only allow links to audio from sites that already host audio files for a living, like

    This should be easy to do even if we were able to draw the square Matterdios within the workshop model on the floor plan view.

  • if only someone could figure out a way to do this as a third party enhancement........

  • Are you hinting that you're working on that?

  • This is another great idea that would elevate the VR tour experience to those created by Pantour or 3dvista. The only issue would be the server space needed by Matterport to host these options. Plus the programing changes that would be required. Possibly making these features impractical on a cloud based system.

  • External linkage; or opportunity for Matterport to arbitrarily charge for a 'file storage' allowance.

  • Attach sound to model as a point with a radius. Audio fades as you leave the radius and turns off when exited. While Matterport navigation may seem just like moving between panos, you are actually truly moving through a 3D space and encountering panoramas at each hotspot location. This is at the very heart of why the Showcase tour is so immersive and how Matterport is able to mix the 3D mesh with panoramas during transitions.

  • Taking into account subsequent posts, this can be considered as a more general "Audio" support proposal, speaking e.g. of voice over, licensed soundtracks (as in services like e.g. Animoto etc.), voice/audio in Mattertags, or activated when you step in specific scan points, or look towards something etc.

  • Had a website developer as me this yesterday. Would be nice to be able to play music start upon hitting play button

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