Let users "help" the Capture App and Processing in advanced ways

Make an "advanced" mode for Capture App and for the final processing, where the user can "help" software to better understand the space.

Just an example out of many that could be listed:

when Capture finds similar images during a scan, it can position the scan badly thinking that those images belong to some other position in the space (where the corresponding images look similar). Currently in those cases, the only way to avoid Capture confusion, is to put physical clues into the space, so to catch images that are less similar to others. Instead, with some effort on the user side, it could be possible to take into account only a subset of the images instead of "everything", e.g. only those associated to scans close to the actual current scan position.

Or another one:

Sometimes there are bad problems in the output 3D space. With some effort on user's side, they could be fixed in some way. E.g. one "advanced" way could be the possibility to replace the .OBJ. Or there could be some advanced "3D cut" tools in Workshop, etc.



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  • Love the idea. I'd like to hear what others would like to see in the "advanced" mode too. Thanks so much for getting this started, @Antonio Orlando.

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